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Alta Alella joins the prestigious association Grandes Pagos de España

  • The winery’s inclusion in Grandes Pagos de España reinforces our commitment to quality and the production of honest wines that capture the characteristics of the terroir and the vintage.

  • The Pujol-Busquets family, with a firm commitment to the territory and integral winemaking, also announces a new investment that will expand its vineyards to 90 hectares.

We are delighted to announce that Alta Alella has officially joined the prestigious Grandes Pagos de España(GPE) association. This non-profit organization brings together renowned wineries that produce wines in perfect harmony with the soil, nature, and climate of their vineyards.

“Becoming a member of Grandes Pagos de España is a significant achievement for us,” says Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets, our founder and winemaker. “It acknowledges our dedication to quality and authenticity, reinforcing our commitment to crafting wines that truly represent the unique characteristics of our terroir.”

Grandes Pagos de España sets rigorous admission standards, including the production of singular wines that reflect the terroir, respect for the typicity and origin of the estate, and the exclusivity of grapes from their own vineyards. We are proud that six of our wines and cavas have been included in this prestigious association: Alta Alella 10 2012, Alta Alella Mirgin Opus 2019, Alta Alella Mirgin Exeo 2017, Alta Alella Cau d’en Genís 2022, Alta Alella Lanius 2021, and Alta Alella Dolç Mataró 2020.

In addition to this exciting news, we are investing in new plantations located in the Serralada de Marina Natural Park, expanding our vineyard area to 90 hectares in the upcoming years. This expansion not only increases our production capacity but also helps preserve one of the most emblematic wine regions near Barcelona. “Our vineyards are the lungs of Barcelona,” says Mireia Pujol-Busquets, deputy director and second generation of the winery. “We winegrowers play a key role in the conservation and management of the territory, especially in areas threatened by urban pressure.”

At Alta Alella, we remain dedicated to producing exceptional wines that reflect the richness and diversity of our territory. We look forward to continuing our journey alongside the distinguished members of Grandes Pagos de España, promoting the diversity and richness of our winemaking heritage.


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