True love for organic cava

“Paraje Calificado Vallcirera”

Established in 1991 on the 19th century Can Genís estate, the winery has always practiced certified organic farming techniques, creating a well-balanced ecosystem that respects the native flora and fauna.

The winery has recovered vineyards over sixty years old and planted the traditional varieties Pansa Blanca and Mataró. It has achieved all this without forgoing its commitment to quality and uniqueness, as certified by the fact that one of its parcels of land has been honoured with the highest category of the cava sector: “Paraje Calificado”.

“Paraje Calificado” Cava

The Spirit of Alta Alella Mirgin

Sparkling wines are an elemental piece of the spirit of Alta Alella Mirgin. That’s why the winery treats them with the greatest care. The selection by hand of the finest grapes, the pursuit of the desired colour, the fermentation at a constant temperature or the noble ageing. All these efforts and care are applied to achieve the best quality, always using the traditional method.

The Gran Reserva cavas are bottle-aged for at least 30 months, while the some “collection” cavas has an optimal ageing period of over 10 years. All the grapes are organically farmed, using the local varieties Mataró and Pansa Blanca, and all the bottles are retailed immediately after being disgorged. A passion for cava that has been rewarded with many international prizes.

Collectible cava

Family Pujol-Busquets Guillén

“Grand vin” soul, age-worthy cavas fruits of long ageing, waiting and perseverance. Limited Editions – Selected bottles from the Alta Alella “Wine Library”.

Cava Gran Reserva Collectible

D.O. CAVA Comtats de Barcelona
Serra de Mar Territory

For Alta Alella, 2020 is a key year as the Cava Regulatory Board has approved the new zoning system and recognized the Serra de Mar area, giving value to the Alella wine region and its exceptional and unique soil, climate, orography and historical characteristics. With this new territory recognition, they are tracing the origin of the cava, giving value to the proximity to the sea and the mild climate, the vine growing on Sauló soil -which is typical from Alella- and the protection from the winds by the Serralada de Marina’s mountains.

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