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Dedicated to transparency

Fleeing from standardization, Alta Alella aims to produce “transparent” wines and cavas that reflect soil and vintage characteristics: the enjoyment of tasting the moment as well as the landscape.

The harvest is carried out by hand, paying attention to each plant individually by means of accurate ripeness controls, seeking the optimum moment to pick each variety in the healthiest conditions in order to guarantee the best result. The winery works with micro-vinifications and diversity/wine variety of grapes, producing up to fifty different wines for blending every vintage.

Our terroir

Alta Alella Winery has a deep knowledge of its terrain. It understands every corner of its vineyards. It values every single grapevines’ roots. Only through this esteem, can the Pujol-Busquets Guillén family keep their commitment and demonstrate their love for the land.

The estate is just two kilometres away from the Mediterranean Sea and the vineyards are planted on slopes and terraces between 100 and 250m above sea level. The vines are grown on Sauló soil which is one of the most important elements that define the wines from Alta Alella: an acidic white granite-based sandy soil with low limestone content, low organic matter and good natural water drainage.

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