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Alta Alella participates in the Sensoreg project


Sensoreg’s integration of sensors and remote monitoring allows efficient irrigation management in vineyards through continuous control of the soil, the plant and the weather conditions

The main goal of the project is to optimize water management in vineyard cultivation through the digitalization and optimization of all the production processes, following criteria of efficiency and water saving, defined in a decision-making protocol/strategy that ensures annual production and improves the quality and oenological potential of the grape harvest.

In order to achieve this main objective, more specific objectives are defined in the wineries that present the project:

  • Segmentation of the vineyard plots to optimize water management according to the microclimatological, edaphic and agronomic characteristics of the different parcels. 
  • Optimization of water management in the vineyard, with the application of technology that gives a clear support in the decision of the following points:
    • Soil management for maximum use of the soil’s water reserves.
    • Timing, dosage and overall irrigation strategy.
  • Correlating plant development, soil humidity sensor data, plant hydric stress data, and remote sensing images with the conditions of the farms where they are installed. This will help determine useful algorithms to automate the processes.
  • Introduction and validation of “Saturas” technology, which allows the monitoring of plant water status.

Project financed through Operation 16.01.01 Cooperation for innovation of the Rural Development Programme of Catalonia 2014-2022



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