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Mataró Barrel Aged Grape Ale wins Gold Medal


The craft beer Mataró Barrel Aged, made with organic Mataró grape must, has won the gold medal at the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2022 international contest within the category ‘Italian Grape Ale’. It is fermented with wild grape yeast, aged in barrel for 4 months and is gluten-free.

A friendship that gives birth to organic craft beers

Alta Alella and Molta Malta’s Grape Ale project was born from the friendship between Mireia Pujol-Busquets, Alta Alella’s second generation, and Adrià Felisart, owner of Molta Malta, the first craft beer store in Mataró. Both share lifelong experiences and friendship: they were schoolmates since they were children and they studied together Biology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Sharing a love and respect for nature, they decided to create this project together. It began with the production of two Grape Ale beers in the 2019 vintage, one from Chardonnay and one from Mataró, and continued with the 2020 vintage and the release of a new product, the Grape Ale Barrel Aged from Mataró.


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