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Remarkable participation of Alta Alella at the Cava Meeting


The Cava Appellation has gathered some of the world's most influential prescribers at the international congress Cava Meeting, held in Barcelona on November 27th and 28th, and Alta Alella cavas have had a prominent presence with representation in all the tastings.

A hundred guests from different countries have embarked for two days on a "journey to the excellence of cava" with the first edition of the Cava Meeting. The congress, designed by a committee of renowned wine experts -the Master of Wine Sarah Jane Evans and Pedro Ballesteros, the well-known sommelier Ferran Centelles, and the specialized journalist and cava educator Ramon Francàs- has presented to the world the versatility and quality of cava through different conferences and tastings. A special attention has been given to the Integral Producers (Alta Alella is one of the 15 wineries with the quality and traceability stamp, out of the more than 300 that are part of the appellation), Cava de Paraje Calificado (Alta Alella produces two cavas from the Vallcirera vineyard), and the zonification of cava (with Alta Alella representing the Serra de Mar territory).

Conferences with the representation of Alta Alella

"Tasting the top of the Cava quality pyramid: the products of the Integral Producers, a guarantee of Cava traceability", with Pedro Ballesteros MW and the 15 Integral Producers (with Mireia Pujol-Busquets representing Alta Alella).
Cava Alta Alella Mirgin OPUS Paraje Calificado Vallcirera 2019.

"Tasting of the most iconic: Paraje Calificado Cavas, Cavas with very long ageing and Cavas that are heading into the third ageing. Tasting of the highest category cavas", with Ramón Francàs and Jordi Paronella.
Cava Alta Alella Mirgin EXEO Paraje Calificado Vallcirera 2017

"Tasting the different origins of Cava. The diversity and characteristics of the CAVA Appellation", with Pedro Ballesteros MW, Ferran Centelles and José Hidalgo Camacho.
Cava Alta Alella 10 Gran Reserva 2012

In addition, Josep Roca included Alta Alella Mirgin OPUS Paraje Calificado Vallcirera 2019 in his presentation "The great gastronomic versatility of Cava", in which he presented the Celler de Can Roca menu inspired by cavas, and in the Juvé & Camps centenary dinner.

Other cavas that attendees were able to taste in the Cava Meeting showroom were:
Alta Alella Mirgin EXEO Evolució+2005, Alta Alella LAIETÀ 2018, Alta Alella MIRGIN 2019 and AUS Bruant 2021.

On Tuesday evening, some participants of the congress ended the day with a visit to Alta Alella, where they enjoyed a vertical tasting of five vintages of Alta Alella 10 Gran Reserva, the best cava by Guía Peñín 2024 (97 points) and Guía Vivir el Vino 2024 (99 points). An exclusive tasting to observe the character of each vintage and its evolution in ageing.


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