Family visit: El Raïm Inquiet

Family visit: El Raïm Inquiet
(Activity in Catalan)

A visit for the youngest members of the family to discover the culture of wine and winemaking! Based on a theatrical adaptation of the children's story 'El Raïm Inquiet', we will take a tour of the winery's facilities, passing through the vines, the fermentation room and the ageing area.

Cristina Peralta performs the story El Raïm Inquiet by Elisenda Guiu in its natural setting, a cellar. The actress interprets, in a pleasant and understandable way, the process of winemaking from the moment the raisin starts to come out until it is finally in the bottle, already transformed into wine, and the wine comes out again the following year. It does so through a very amusing character, a "restless raïm", and in its natural setting: a cellar.

We will finish the visit with a tasting of musts for the children and wines/cavas for the adults!



Children - Up to 5 years old

Adult - From 18 years old
2 h
phone.: +34 628624182