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Alta Alella 10 among Gentleman magazine’s essentials


Alta Alella 10 · Gran Reserva 2010, the collectible cava made with a “Grand Vin” philosophy from the Pujol-Busquets family, has been selected as “enchanting  sparkling wine” by Pilar Molestina and featured in Gentleman magazine, March edition.

“This is a cava with a stature and elegance designed with great ageing capacity due to its winemaking philosophy and its varietal characteristics and origin (Paraje Calificado and sauló soil). After ten years of waiting, this elegant wine emerges with freshness as one of its outstanding characteristics. Wide, fresh, evocative and with a certain sensation of structure and great persistence”.

Translation from the original text by Pilar Molestina in Spanish – Gentleman Magazine (March 2022), Gastronomy section

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Alta Alella, awarded by the ACS as Best Winery with a wine tourism offer


We are proud to announce that Alta Alella has been chosen Best Winery with a wine tourism offer by the members of the Associació Catalana de Sommeliers (ACS).

First of all, we would like to thank all the sommeliers for their work towards the wine sector and especially for their role as prescribers for the wineries. In addition, we also congratulate Ton Colet, proclaimed Best Sommelier of Catalonia 2022, all the professionals awarded in other categories, and all the finalists and candidates.

Mireia Pujol-Busquets, owner of Alta Alella, received the award during the ‘Nit dels Sommeliers’ (sommeliers’ night), which took place on 14 March in Mas Marroch (from Celler de Can Roca). In her speech, Mireia recalled the difficulties we have suffered due to the pandemic over the last two years, especially in terms of wine tourism, but also remarked on our commitment to continue sharing the wine culture and the work behind our wines and cavas: “… we have taken the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We have a good team and we are preparing many surprises for this year; among others, a new wine club that we have just launched”, she announced.

Would you like to visit us among the vineyards? Check all our wine tourism experiences in this link.

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Alta Alella 10 Gran Reserva: the elegant passage of time


A cava with great ageing capacity and a “grand vin” philosophy from the Pujol-Busquets family

After a decade’s wait, Alta Alella 10, a collectible cava made with a “Grand Vin” philosophy and great ageing capacity, was released in the market at the end of 2020. It is a 2010 vintage Gran Reserva Brut Nature, organic certified and fermented in barrel. This singular and long aged sparkling wine is the result of combining: Sauló soil from Can Genís Estate –a sandy granitic soil–, the exceptional and unique climate characteristics from Serra de Mar area, and many years of experience making high quality cavas.

The pandemic circumstances made it impossible for us to organize two consecutive press presentations: in October 2021 we held a tasting for the media in Barcelona, and in March 2022 we were finally able to bring together the press in Madrid. In both editions, the journalists experienced a journey through time and sensations thanks to a unique vertical tasting.

We uncorked ten vintages of Alta Alella 10 that have not been released to the market yet, to observe the character of each harvest and the evolution of ageing characteristics. We tasted the vintages 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011, and finished the event enjoying the vintage 2010, currently available on the market.

The vertical tasting organized in Madrid took place in A’Barra Restraurant (* Michellin), and the one in Barcelona was held in Alta Alella.

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Digitalisation of the Vine: better work control and respect for the environment 

Digitalisation of the Vine: better work control and respect for the environment


At Alta Alella, we continue our commitment to adopt digital technologies in the vineyard, which simplify our day-to-day work and help us being more efficient, minimizing our environmental impact and reducing costs.

During the last year, Alta Alella’s technical team has incorporated the use of Auravant software for agriculture, which allows us to carry out Precision Agriculture. Specifically, this tool interprets nanosatellite images and translates them into simple and intuitive data, dividing vines according to vigor zones and plant water status. This enables us to know the status of each of our vineyards at any time and from anywhere, using a mobile device, without the need to visit each vineyard on a daily basis. Furthermore, it gives us considerable detailed information, which contributes to decision-making and permits us to act in a much more precise and selective way, even on different vines within the same vineyard. This makes it easier for us to manage our resources and use only those that are minimally necessary for cultivation. For example, we can use fertilizers in a more flexible way, apply plant protection products permitted in organic farming according to the sensitivity of the area, and save water, thanks to the fact that we can quantify the water status of the plant and therefore evaluate the irrigation need. Also, during ripening, it enables us to classify the zones within each vineyard and to harvest the grapes according to their state, thus obtaining a product with a high quality and a low environmental impact.

In addition to this news, it has been four years since Alta Alella began working with Agroptima, an application that provides us with greater traceability of the tasks carried out in the field and allows us to have a more rigorous control. By using this tool, we can record and consult all the tasks executed in the vineyard from anywhere in a quick and easy way, reducing the margin of error that can result from manual data entry. This way, we also have all the information updated instantly and we can extract profitability reports that help us being more efficient and reducing costs.

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Keeping health at the forefront

Keeping health at the forefront


The Pujol-Busquets family has adopted the use of exoskeletons with the aim of improving workers’ occupational health and ensuring their wellness and safety.

Alta Alella is the first winery in Spain to implement the use of Muscle Suit Every exoskeletons from Healthy Technical Suits company. It is an innovative technology that improves the working conditions of the employees, reducing the muscular overload derived from the manual processes carried out on the production line.

As a family-run winery, we are proud to integrate new tools to the workspace, which secure and increase the occupational health of the team.

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Awarded wines by ‘Vivir el Vino 2022’ guide

Awarded wines by ‘Vivir el Vino 2022’ guide


Alta Alella 10 · Gran Reserva and Alta Alella CAU D’EN GENÍS have been the best rated within the eight wines selected from our winery.

‘Vivir el Vino’ guide has recognised eight wines from Alta Alella – four cavas and four still wines– in the 2022 edition. From all of them, Alta Alella 10 · Gran Reserva and Alta Alella CAU D’EN GENÍS have been highlighted and best rated.

Tasting notes by Raul Serrano (original text in Spanish):

Alta Alella 10 · Gran Reserva 2010: “Made with a “grand vin” philosophy: collectible, organic and vintage. (…) It is great from the moment it is uncorked, with intense aromas, elegant and complex. (…)” + info

Alta Alella CAU D’EN GENÍS 2020: “A simple swirl makes the xarel·lo appear in all its splendor, with its characteristic ripe, frosted fruit. (…) With a lively, fresh acidity, it leaves a long and persistent aftertaste”. + info

Here the best rated wines and cavas for this edition:
Alta Alella 10 · Gran Reserva 2010 – 97/100
Alta Alella MIRGIN OPUS · Paratge Qualificat Vallcirera 2016 – 95/100
Alta Alella LAIETÀ · Gran Reserva 2017 – 93/100
Alta Alella MIRGIN · Gran Reserva 2017 – 92/100
Alta Alella CAU D’EN GENÍS 2020 – 94/100
Alta Alella DOLÇ MATARÓ 2019 – 93/100
Alta Alella LANIUS 2018 – 93/100
Alta Alella PARVUS Syrah 2018 – 90/100

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The Pujol-Busquets family is on the cover of Gilbert & Gaillard

Família Pujol-Busquets is on the cover of Gilbert & Gaillard


“Alta Alella, a culture of excellence”

We began the year with great news: the Pujol-Busquets family have been featured on the front cover of Gilbert & Gaillard winter edition 2021-22. In an article about the new regulations that apply from 2022 to D.O. Cava, the publication has highlighted the quality of Alta Alella cavas, as well as the uniqueness of our territory and the “distinctive”, “game-changer” and “organic” character of our project.

On the inner pages, Mireia Pujol-Busquets shares her point of view concerning the new rules with the journalist Santiago Jimenez: «Regarding the changes to appellation rules, Mireia claims that “these changes were absolutely necessary. We have been talking about zoning for some time now, and we needed an identity that was more specific to each zone. […] Defending our terroir in a more concrete way make us more unique”.»

On the magazine cover, Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets and Mireia Pujol-Busquets are holding two of the winery’s cavas:
Alta Alella Mirgin Opus · Paratge Qualificat Vallcirera + info
Alta Alella 10 · Gran Reserva + info

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Alta Alella 10 · Gran Reserva: wine of the week in La Vanguardia Spanish newspaper

Alta Alella 10 · Gran Reserva: wine of the week in La Vanguardia Spanish newspaper


The cava is described by Ramon Francàs as “gold, creamy, with notes of brioche, ripe stone fruit, nuts and a touch of honey”

The prestigious wine journalist Ramon Francàs Martorell has presented the collectible cava Alta Alella 10 · Gran Reserva as wine of the week in the Spanish daily newspaper La Vanguardia. He also shares recommendations for food and wine pairing with references to the wine tourism route ‘D.O. Alella’.

We highlight (original text in Spanish):
“It is a golden, creamy sparkling wine with notes of brioche, ripe stone fruit, nuts and a touch of honey. The carbonic, with tiny bubbles, is very well integrated. It exhibits volume, roundness, salinity, good acidity and great complexity. Aged for 129 months. Only half a thousand bottles are available.”

Some pairing recommendations are fish soup from Maresme region, rice with prawn carpaccio or beef stew with vegetables.

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Visit Alta Alella from anywhere in the world

Visit Alta Alella from anywhere in the world


During the last years, Alta Alella has established itself as a winery open to the public and to wine tourism. Now we are happy to offer a new way to visit virtually our estate from anywhere in the world: we share 360-degree images of the Winery, Cava Vella, Cava Nova and the Wine Tourism Center. The public can also experiment a virtual 4×4WD tour through Can Genís estate.

We invite you to enjoy the virtual experience!


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