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A journey through the history of Alta Alella in ‘Directo al paladar’ magazine


The specialized gastronomy magazine ‘Directo al Paladar’ explores the history of the Pujol-Busquets family and the Alta Alella winery. “In just 20 years, they have become a benchmark in the production of organic cavas,” says Jaime de las Heras. The family’s connection with the wine world, the first steps in the Can Genís estate, the singularity of their wines and cavas, and the various recognitions achieved are some of the topics covered by the journalist in this journey through the history of Alta Alella.

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Harvest 2023 kicked off at Alta Alella


The harvest is always the most special and important time in the winery, when we gather the fruits after a year of hard work and passion dedicated to the vineyard. We are thrilled to share with you the key points of the 2023 harvest:

Let’s start harvesting!
On July 31st, we picked the first grapes of the year, starting earliest harvest ever in the winery’s history.

Fist grapes of 2023 harvest (July 2023)

Drought impact on vineyards
This year’s growing season was marked by a rainfall that is more characteristic of a desert climate. This has led to irregular growth in the vineyards, especially in the older vines. The roots of the older vines are deeper and, as we have had years of drought, they have practically no water and it is more difficult for them to develop. The younger vines, on the other hand, root closer to the surface and have been able to take advantage of the low quantity of water that has fallen. Also, the vines at the edges of the vineyard have grown more than those in the middle, as the roots have had to compete less for the nutrients.

Image showing the irregular growth of the vineyard (June 2023)

Meticulous selection in the vineyard
Due to the conditions described, the vines have produced very different grapes and it will be a year of careful selection and picking the same vineyard multiple times to ensure that all the grapes are at their optimum ripeness. A task that we are able to carry out at Alta Alella because we harvest entirely by hand, and we have a team that knows the vineyard well, as it is the same one that looks after it throughout the year.

Picture of the Paraje Calificado Vallcirera with Can Genís in the background (August 2023)

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Alta Alella consolidates its commitment to the territory and invests in new vineyards


  • The winery announces a 52% increase in overall turnover, rising from 3.3 million euros in 2018 to 5 million euros in 2022

  • 45% of sales come from international markets such as Canada, the United States, Germany and Finland

Alta Alella, an organic family winery since its origin, continues its commitment to the territory and announces an investment of 2.5 million euros in the development of its winemaking activity, destined mainly to the acquisition of new hectares of land in Alella-Tiana, as well as technical facilities and tools to preserve the vineyard. “What excites me most is that my parents started with just one hectare in 1991 and in 2024, we will reach 70 hectares. We could have chosen another business model based on volume, but our path was and is to focus on the land, the vines, and to lead and control the entire winemaking process,” says Mireia Pujol-Busquets, co-owner and second generation of the winery.

This investment comes after years of growth and consolidation of the brand. The Pujol-Busquets family has announced a 52% increase in turnover in just five years. Specifically, its global turnover has risen from 3.3 million euros in 2018 to 5 million last year. From these, national sales represent 55% (with Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Valencian Community, Andalusia and Madrid mainly), and exports 45% (with Canada -Quebec-, United States, Germany and Finland as the largest international markets).

The Value of the Territory

Alta Alella is the culmination of a family project that was born more than thirty years ago by Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets and Cristina Guillén. After making wines all over the world, in 1991 they acquired the modernist Can Genís estate where Alta Alella is located, just 14 km from the city of Barcelona and less than 2 km from the Mediterranean, in the privileged agricultural area of the Serralada de Marina Natural Park. “It is a miracle to be able to develop this project so close to Barcelona. All our family’s efforts are dedicated to it”, says its founder, Josep Maria.

The investment in new vineyard plantations represents a very positive impact for the ecosystem in the peri-urban area of Barcelona and contributes to the organization of the territory, providing landscape value, as well as acting as a firebreak. The winery works with small parcels, which respect the orography of the territory as much as possible, maintaining the areas of forest between the vineyards. This enhances biodiversity, prevents the appearance of plagues and soil erosion, and has a positive impact on the quality of the wine, as “we plant the varieties that are best suited to each plot of land so that they express their full potential and uniqueness, taking into account the distance and height above sea level, and the orientation with respect to the sun”, explains Mireia.

Imagen de la finca con vistas al mar donde se aprecia la bodega, el viñedo y la casa modernista Can Genís

Taking care of the vineyard in 2023: digitalization and environmental responsibility

Loyal to its values, “dedicated to transparency and committed to nature“, the family’s priority has always been the responsibility towards the territory (born organic) and the production of high quality wines and cavas that express their origin to the fullest. Following the premise of sustainability, part of the investment has also been destined to renewable energies and the digitalization of the vineyard. Alta Alella has been working for 8 years now with digital tools that increase traceability in the field, provide greater efficiency and optimization of the work in the vineyard, and minimize the environmental impact.

“A winery is a long-term project, and to ensure that future generations can enjoy the benefits of the land, we have to take care of it today”, says Mireia. Already in 1999, Alta Alella began its participation in the experimental vineyard project with Resistant and Autochthonous Varieties Adapted to Climate Change (VRIAACC in Catalan). Reducing the carbon footprint is a priority task for the winery, which for the last three years has also been a member of the “Voluntary Agreements Programme” promoted by the Government of Catalonia, following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Harvest 2022 with Pujol-Busquets Family


Maximum enthusiasm: the time has come to reap the benefits of the work carried out with effort and dedication to the vineyard throughout the year. 

On August 8th, we kicked off an extraordinarily early harvest, marked by drought and high temperatures during the growing season, with yields slightly lower than the usual average. As the ripening degrees of the varieties were overlapping each other, the harvest was accelerated to prevent the grapes from becoming raisined. All in all, we highlight an extraordinary balance regarding all the quality parameters of the grapes.

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Alta Alella obtains the new Integral Producer quality stamp


The Pujol-Busquets family is once again a pioneer regarding the guarantee, traceability, and quality of Cava thanks to the new Integral Producer stamp, in addition to the Cava de Paraje qualification already obtained when it was created. This distinction recognizes cavas 100% pressed and vinified on the winery’s property, the high quality of the product and their commitment to the territory

Alta Alella is once again a pioneer in the cava sector and reinforces its commitment to the guarantee, traceability, and quality of the product. The winery has already been recognized with the Cava de Paraje qualification since it was conceived, and now receives the new Integral Producer stamp certified by the Cava Regulatory Council. This stamp enables the customer to identify more easily those wineries of the D.O. Cava that carry out the entire Cava production process at their own estate, which implies a guarantee of product traceability. In this way, it certifies that the entire production of the Pujol-Busquets family is carried out on the property, without buying wine or bottles from other producers, and that their cavas are marketed under brands that are not shared with other cava producers. This measure is in addition to the recent changes in the zoning and segmentation of the DO, with the aim of promoting the status of cava.

The Integral Producer stamp implies rigorous compliance with the Regulatory Board’s requirements, which is a further step in the quality demands that Alta Alella imposes on itself for all its products. During the next days, the family will adapt the labelling of all its cavas to the regulations so that the bottles will bear the stamp.

Commitment to nature and the product

Cava is embarking on a new stage towards the elite and Alta Alella is an active part of this journey, being the precursor of each new quality qualification awarded by the Cava Regulatory Council. This is possible not only because of the quality of its cavas, but also because of its commitment to the origin, the land, and sustainability.

In July 2017, the winery was one of the first to obtain the Paraje Calificado certification from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, a recognition of the singularity of Paraje Vallcirera. That same year, we presented our two cavas certified with the Cava de Paraje Calificado Vallcirera seal: Alta Alella Mirgin Exeo and Alta Alella Mirgin Opus. In addition, Vallcirera is the only Paraje Calificado ecologic since the beginning, and located in a natural park. Now, at the beginning of 2022, the Pujol-Busquets family has also been honored with the rigorous Integral Producer stamp, a certification that only 13 of the 370 wineries that make Cava have received.

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Digitalisation of the Vine: better work control and respect for the environment 

Digitalisation of the Vine: better work control and respect for the environment


At Alta Alella, we continue our commitment to adopt digital technologies in the vineyard, which simplify our day-to-day work and help us being more efficient, minimizing our environmental impact and reducing costs.

During the last year, Alta Alella’s technical team has incorporated the use of Auravant software for agriculture, which allows us to carry out Precision Agriculture. Specifically, this tool interprets nanosatellite images and translates them into simple and intuitive data, dividing vines according to vigor zones and plant water status. This enables us to know the status of each of our vineyards at any time and from anywhere, using a mobile device, without the need to visit each vineyard on a daily basis. Furthermore, it gives us considerable detailed information, which contributes to decision-making and permits us to act in a much more precise and selective way, even on different vines within the same vineyard. This makes it easier for us to manage our resources and use only those that are minimally necessary for cultivation. For example, we can use fertilizers in a more flexible way, apply plant protection products permitted in organic farming according to the sensitivity of the area, and save water, thanks to the fact that we can quantify the water status of the plant and therefore evaluate the irrigation need. Also, during ripening, it enables us to classify the zones within each vineyard and to harvest the grapes according to their state, thus obtaining a product with a high quality and a low environmental impact.

In addition to this news, it has been four years since Alta Alella began working with Agroptima, an application that provides us with greater traceability of the tasks carried out in the field and allows us to have a more rigorous control. By using this tool, we can record and consult all the tasks executed in the vineyard from anywhere in a quick and easy way, reducing the margin of error that can result from manual data entry. This way, we also have all the information updated instantly and we can extract profitability reports that help us being more efficient and reducing costs.

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Keeping health at the forefront

Keeping health at the forefront


The Pujol-Busquets family has adopted the use of exoskeletons with the aim of improving workers’ occupational health and ensuring their wellness and safety.

Alta Alella is the first winery in Spain to implement the use of Muscle Suit Every exoskeletons from Healthy Technical Suits company. It is an innovative technology that improves the working conditions of the employees, reducing the muscular overload derived from the manual processes carried out on the production line.

As a family-run winery, we are proud to integrate new tools to the workspace, which secure and increase the occupational health of the team.

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Visit Alta Alella from anywhere in the world

Visit Alta Alella from anywhere in the world


During the last years, Alta Alella has established itself as a winery open to the public and to wine tourism. Now we are happy to offer a new way to visit virtually our estate from anywhere in the world: we share 360-degree images of the Winery, Cava Vella, Cava Nova and the Wine Tourism Center. The public can also experiment a virtual 4×4WD tour through Can Genís estate.

We invite you to enjoy the virtual experience!


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Logo Família Pujol-Busquets Alta Alella · Celler de les Aus

logo familia pujol busquets

Logo Família Pujol-Busquets Alta Alella · Celler de les Aus


We want to share with you a new version of our logo, more representative of our family-run project. The new image unites the Pujol-Busquets two generations and the two wineries, Alta Alella and Celler de les Aus. Gradually, we will update our communication materials.

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Enoturismo para sanitarios: el mundo del vino se une en agradecimiento a los profesionales sanitarios

Enoturismo para sanitarios: el mundo del vino se une en agradecimiento a los profesionales sanitarios


Más de un centenar de bodegas y consejos reguladores de todo el país se han unido a la iniciativa solidaria EnoturismoParaSanitarios (#EnoturismoParaSanitarios), ideada por Carlos Aguila Guardian of Wines con la colaboración de la agencia de enoturismo Ocio Vital que busca agradecer y premiar a los profesionales sanitarios por su enorme trabajo en la crisis a causa de la COVID-19. Desde Alta Alella nos unimos a la iniciativa y esperamos poder “contagiar” los sanitarios de nuestra pasión y cultura del vino.

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