Anuario de vinos El País 2019


AA Migin Opus · Paraje Calificado Vallcirera on the Honor Roll of the best wines from Spain

In the new edition of El País’s Wines Yearbook (the world's leading daily newspaper in Spanish and a reference for quality in the field of journalism in the Hispano-American world), Alta Alella has been placed on the Honor Roll among the best wines of Spain. The publication presents the winery with keywords "A Unique Wine Territory" and highlights it’s positioning: "... the family-run winery is a reference in organic farming... that demonstrates harvest after harvest that its true value lies in what the bottles enclose, which, in some cases, turn into real wine treasures."

Distinctions - Anuario de Vinos de El País 2019

AA Mirgin Opus · Paraje Calificado Vallcirera

96/100 (Honor Roll)

AA Mirgin Exeo · Paraje Calificado Vallcirera


AA Mirgin Laietà Rosé · Gran reserva


AA Mirgin Laietà · Gran reserva


AA Orbus


AA Tallarol


AA Cau d'en Genís


AA Lanius


AA Merla


AA Gafarró


Alta Alella Mirgin present at Decanter
The great sparkling exploration 2019


The demand for Sparling Wines in UK is like never before. In recognition of this category’s importance in Britain, on June 20th in central London, Decanter will hold a dedicated sparkling wine event: DECANTER - THE GREAT SPARKLING EXPLORATION.

The event will give acclaimed producers a five-star setting to meet, educate and build personal relationships with Decanter’s circle of fine-wine enthusiasts and professionals. We will assist together with other quality brands from all around the world like Champagne Robert (France), House of Arras (Australia), No.1 Family Estate (New Zealand) and from Catalonia: Agustí Torelló Mata, Recaredo, Raventos I Blanc and Loxarel among others.

On Juny 20th, join us at DECANTER - THE GREAT SPARKLING EXPLORATION 2019: Church House, Westminster, London

New release of the 2018 vintage of AA Tallarol


From now on you can find on the market the new vintage of AA TALLAROL: the saline minerality of Pansa Blanca with all its boldness.

Organic natural white wine made from the Pansa Blanca variety (Xarel·lo). The grapes are harvested by hand in an extraordinary state of health. After a light pressing to extract only the first press must, we extract the characteristics of the variety through different types of spontaneous fermentations in amphoras made of sauló at low temperature and in concrete egg based on clay. No sulphites or any other products are added throughout the process.

“It is herbal and refreshing, lots of citrus notes and just a little bit of oxidation. Plentiful lemon and tarragon note on the palate. Green and elevated acidity. Imperative for natural-wine lovers. I am honestly impressed.”

New release of the 2018 vintage of AA Merla


From now on you can find on the market the new vintage of AA MERLA: freshness, boldness and openness to another world.

Organic natural red wine made from the Mataró variety (Monastrell). The grapes are harvested by hand in an extraordinary state of health. After maceration-fermentation for 20 days at 25°C in wood vats, the grapes are lightly pressed and put in barrels where the malolactic fermentation takes place. After 3 months of ageing in barrel, it will be bottled. No sulphites or any other products are added throughout the process.

Back to the essence and the vinifications of the past, with the confidence that only the experience can bring. The purest expression of the traditional variety Mataró, a red with its own “earthy-fruity” personality.

Alta Alella present at Fenavin 2019


The Spanish National Wine Fair FENAVIN, reaches its tenth edition and its age of maturity as an example of pure business that has helped Spain’s wine exports. FENAVIN is the trade fair of reference on Spanish Wine: this is how the daily newspaper EL PAÍS defines the fair in its "Negocios"(business supplement, as is the case of the ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade), in an assessment report.

From May 7th to 9th, join us at FENAVIN 2019: Ciudad Real, Spain • NOE Calle 1, Stand 10

Alta Alella present at the 3rd Salón Peñín del Cava & otras burbujas


The third edition of SALÓN DEL CAVA Y OTRAS BURBUJAS will once again bring together a selection of cavas and sparkling wines in a unique appointment. The chosen date, far from the Christmas campaign, seeks to boost the consumption of these wines at any time of the year.

Here the best rated products - Guía Peñín 2019:

  • AA MIRGIN EXEO Paraje Calificado Vallcirera 93/10
  • AA MIRGIN OPUS Paraje Calificado Vallcirera 94/100
  • AA MIRGIN LAIETÀ Gran Reserva 92/100
  • AA MIRGIN LAIETÀ ROSÉ Gran Reserva 91/100
  • AA MIRGIN Reserva 90/100
  • AA MIRGIN Reserva 90/100

On March 11th, we wait for you at the Palacio Neptuno in Madrid from 12:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

New release of the 2018 vintage of AA Cau d'en Genís 2018


From now on you can find on the market the new vintage of AA CAU D’EN GENÍS: the saline expression of a singular vineyard overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Made with the selection of the best Pansa Blanca (Xarel·lo) berries. We extract the characteristics of the variety through fermentation and ageing on fine lees in clay-based cement egg. With this combination we are able to get the purest expression of the fruit, enhancing the character of the terroir, increasing the aromatic richness and volume on the palate.

The quintessence of what a premium Pansa Blanca wine should be: fresh attack of white fruit notes, hints of fennel, salty, mineral and silky with a long and elegant aftertaste.

Alta Alella in the world


Here you can find our agenda for the upcoming month:

MILLÉSIME BIO - Montpellier, France.
28-29-30 January 2019
LA DIVA BOUTEILLE - Saumur, France.
2-3 February 2019
18 February 2019
11 March 2019
PROWEIN - Germany.
17-18-19 March 2019
FENAVIN - Ciudad Real, Spain.
7-8-9 May 2019